Bostonia Global is fully committed to equity. Our community of learners celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and provides equitable access to programs and opportunities while promoting academic and social-emotional well-being for all. Meaningful ties among community members foster a trusting, caring, and mutually respectful culture. Intentionally diverse and integrated learning environments create a community-wide culture of achievement so that each learner thrives in a multicultural, global society.  Our team is making a bold claim; we believe all students can meet and exceed learning expectations in all coursework, given appropriate time and support.



    Each student is an individual with knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed through learning experiences inside and outside school since birth. Everyone learns some things quickly and other concepts through struggle and perseverance. Students possess distinctive learner profiles with strengths and challenges unique to them. When Bostonia learners and advisors alike recognize and value that struggle is a natural part of getting better at something, our culture of achievement becomes stronger. Each and every learner on campus holds themselves and each other accountable for developing a growth mindset that seeks many ways to grow their abilities, recognize that they need help, and seek out new strategies. 

    Personalized learning requires advisors to adapt their methods in response to individual learning needs. Some things must be flexible: where and how students learn and demonstrate learning, how much time students need to deeply understand, and how students connect new learning to the world. Students and their advisors partner to gather learning evidence inside and outside school walls. High expectations are not negotiable. All students will demonstrate grade level competency by the end of the year. 



    Tailoring learning experiences to each student requires a roadmap and a plan. Developed in partnership with community business leaders, postsecondary universities, district and school leadership, Bostonia learning goals and corresponding competencies frame expectations for students. The framework is intentionally designed to enable students to follow their individual interests, strengths, and values and empowers them to evaluate their distinctive achievements, competencies, and potential through learning experiences inside and outside of school. Learning Goals and Competencies are developed using California content standards, and they represent bigger life knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for postsecondary success in a rapidly changing world. 



    Learning Goals and Competencies are defined by a detailed set of learning progressions (Table C). Student learning evidence is evaluated using the progressions and placed on a performance level scale ranging from Emerging, Practicing, Meeting, and Advancing. High school graduation expectations are defined by the “meeting performance level” descriptions. 

    Learning Goals

    • Be Curious and Investigate the World
    • Realize Future Self
    • Achieve Gainful Employment
    • Think Deeply
    • Express Ideas